Monday, September 14, 2009

Granite Shield's Silicabright experience before & after photos

“I thought I'd share with you a fun exercise I conducted with Silicabright. As you may recall we have a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500. The wheels on this vehicle are steel with a chrome covering. Due to its being a work truck it does not always get washed as would a personal vehicle. As a result brake dust has badly deteriorated the chrome on the front wheel cover. I have attempted on several occasions to rid the marks with soap and water, acidic professional white wall cleaners, and several other products common in the auto industry. To date, I have had minimal success. The wheel usually improves, but is never restored.

I thought this might be a good test for some Granite Shield products. I have attached some images of the results that you may find interesting.

With using just a dab of Silicabright followed by Kleen N Shine with a micro-fiber towel the wheel in the image was quite literally restored to new finish quality. The wheels didn't look this good when I originally took receipt of the truck and it has just been professionally detailed. Attached are 2 "before" and 2 "after" images.”

Click here to view before & after photos:

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Why Granite Shield Permanent Lifetime Sealer?

My Granite Fabricator Lied to Me!

"Dear Granite Shield,

We just got our granite countertops installed. The contractor lied to us and told us it was already sealed. Yet, water soaked straight through and the stone is not shiny. After researching, I discovered a test for granite and basically discovered I need to seal it. I tried to use a sealer bought from Home Depot. First few days, the water beaded up. But, in a week, after heavy use of the kitchen, the water was already soaking through the stone. There is water stains around the faucet where water collects all the time. It is not drying up. I found the Granite Shield website and am interested in the product.

I live in West Hills, California in the San Fernando Valley, California. Please let me know where your closest authorized applicator is and how I can contact them."



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