Saturday, April 6, 2013


Unfortunately we don't live in an honest world. For Granite Shield to provide a warranty Granite Shield has procedures for the applicator and customer to register the warranty and ask certain questions on the registration form. Many Granite Shield applicators seal for other companies and Granite Shield doesn't know who those other companies such as other granite fabricators, kitchen and bath stores and interior designers. Granite Shield also needs to know if the applicator does what is mandatory per the seal book. Applicators aren't employees they are independent contractors as a sealing service purchasing Granite Shield product. Granite Shield since 2002 has been the first and only Permanent Sealer for granite. Granite Shield has encountered over the years and as recent as March 2013 a Granite Shield licensed applicator since 2008 that over the years has been in good standing with Granite Shield that in the past 12 months has not been giving Granite Shield customers that he seals using Granite Shield's permanent sealer unless it was a referral from the Granite Shield corporate office Granite Shield paperwork and has given his own private labeled paperwork. These customers don't even know they have Granite Shield. This applicator has not registered his seal jobs that he was using the Granite Shield Permanent Sealer with the Granite Shield corporate office and called the Granite Shield Permanent Sealer a different name. This applicator was charging these customers as much as $10.00 a sq. ft., has uploaded recently 28 video on YouTube and other websites demonstrating how great the Granite Shield Permanent Sealer is such as testing the Granite Shield Permanent Sealer against other sealers such as a 15 year sealer with products that normally stain granite. During this demonstration he does not mention the Granite Shield name as the successful Permanent Sealer is and calling the Granite Shield Permanent Sealer a different name misleading the public to believe there is another Permanent Sealer on the market that is as good as Granite Shield or better. This applicator has since been terminated, has been contacted by an attorney representing Granite Shield on trademark violations and now those that this applicator has sealed using the Granite Shield Permanent Sealer under a different name, provided his own private labeled paperwork will have no warranty because this applicator will have no access to the same chemicals this applicator used to seal these customer's granite and other hard surfaces once this applicator runs out of the Granite Shield chemicals. So the registration process Granite Shield uses Granite Shield has found it is so far the best way to protect the consumer and Granite Shield. This applicator has enough Granite Shield chemical to seal the Granite Shield Permanent Sealer for at least another 12 months.