Friday, March 6, 2015

Granite Standard Sealers and 15 Year Sealers - How Long Do They Really Last?

Unfortunately many customers of granite are misled in believing that because their granite had been sealed during fabrication or the day of the granite countertop installation that the granite never needs to be sealed again or doesn’t have to for 15 years. Unless it is Granite Shield, the permanent lifetime sealer with small, medium and larger polymers capped with a carbon crystal the sealer is not long term. Even today the big box stores claiming they are selling a granite countertop with a 15 year sealer Granite Shield receives many calls because their countertop from the big box store stained and they need the stain removed and countertop resealed. That includes granite countertops sealed with a well-known Australian company and a well-known granite and tile company that has a private labeled sealer. The other standard sealer or even so called 15 year sealer is a standard one polymer sealer. A one polymer sealer for one easily washes away leaving the pores of the granite and surface exposed to staining and bacteria and are not long term even if they have a 15 or 20 year warranty. Permanent and Lifetime and a long term warranty are 2 different things. Granite Shield on granite countertops permanently bonds to the stone and is embedded deep into the stone along with the different sized polymers, the other sealers don’t.

Owners of granite countertops in many cases have not been educated about granite and natural stone. Many believe it’s just a rock and rocks are hard and will never stain or just a standard sealer or 15 year sealers once applied their countertop will never need to be sealed again. That simply isn’t true. Pick up a rock and pour water on it and what happens? It gets dark, water penetrated that stone. Just because a granite countertop was polished doesn’t mean water won’t penetrate that stone especially if the granite has, white, yellow, gold, tan or gray in it. Those are the most porous stones and stain.
Many that seal granite countertops have been using the same product for years. Many are old school and really aren’t interested in change. Many aren’t interested in explaining the difference to the customer and letting the customer decide because easy or being familiar with something is easier than the best. The new product may cost a little more for themselves to purchase and the case is because the raw material such as the polymers to make the product cost more money to manufacture not to just charge someone more money. They may never see that customer again so it doesn’t matter what happens in the future or the purpose is to see that customer again as a repeat customer and charge to reseal.

Since 2002 Granite Shield has been known in the granite industry as the best long term sealer available and was even being offered by a couple of well-known big box stores to their customer when selling the countertop. Some of the big box stores and large countertop fabricators and manufactures have approached Granite Shield to use Granite Shield sealers but to private label the sealer including for man-made artificial stone countertops which those big box stores had been turned down unless the sealer being used is called Granite Shield, not private labeled.

If you simply want the best for the countertop you spent or are spending thousands of dollars for insist on Granite Shield. Granite Shield is not just a sealer protecting your natural stone from stains but it also deeply cleans your stone, makes the countertop smoother and shinier plus you don’t need to use granite cleaners. It doesn’t matter how good of a polish is on your granite, Granite Shield still improves it. There is really no excuse for your granite fabricator or sealing service to not offer Granite Shield to you making it your choice. If the excuse is it costs too much to get started, we offer a low cost startup kit and a rush is offered to get the startup kit sooner.
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